MEDEF International : the French Business Confederation's dedicated service to the world


Founded in 1989, MEDEF International is a non-profit private-funded organisation, chaired by Mr Frédéric SANCHEZ, Chairman of the Executive Board of FIVES (since May 25, 2016).

MEDEF International is the most representative organisation of the French private sector at an international level: it represents the French Business Confederation (MEDEF) and its 800.000 companies, in the world.

It gathers more than 6,700 French companies already operating in the world, in 82 Business Councils headed by 53 CEOs of major international French companies.

MEDEF International is the Private Sector Liaison Officer for the World Bank, the EBRD, the ADB, the IDB and other Development Banks and International organisations


MEDEF International promotes the know-how and supports trade and investments by French companies in the world

MEDEF International relates international French companies with the world public and private decision-makers to enlarge or found new sustainable and long-term partnerships between French and foreign companies

MEDEF International eases direct and constructive dialogue at the highest level, with heads of State and Government

MEDEF International fosters improvements in the governance and business climate

MEDEF International runs over 180 high-level meetings each year, in Paris and abroad

MEDEF International by numbers (2016)

150 countries covered

155 high level meetings in Paris

25 business delegations abroad in 30 countries

7,200 companies attending our actions

53 CEOs chairing 82 Business Councils


Frédéric SANCHEZ
Chairman  – Tel. +331 53 59 16 25

Philippe GAUTIER
CEO  - Tel. : +331 53 59 16 22

Geraldine LEMBLE
Director  - Tel. : +331 53 59 16 27